What can the Jigsaw system provide?

  • Fast, high-quality and long lasting pothole repairs without hot materials.
  • Low costs for a 'permanent' pothole repair.

And for utilities repairs...

  • Key-hole-repair access under highways and footways with same day reinstatement to minimise traffic disruption.

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Front mounted Jigsaw machine attachment is located over the pothole from the cab of the Mulithog or other host vehicle.
  • Step 2: Operative mills pothole out into a larger standard shape with all arisings suction-removed leaving a clean, flat-based, right-angle-sided and radius cornered recess.
  • Step 3: Sealant solution is poured into the base of the recess.
  • Step 4: Manufactured asphalt tile of same shape as recess is installed in recess and excess sealant wiped off.
  • Step 5: Repair can be driven can be driven over in minutes.

And for multiple potholes close to one another...

  • Step 6: Relocate machine over next pothole and if required, cut part-way through the first repair tile repeating Steps 2-4 above.

What are the benefits?

  • Costs and efficiency
    • Low repair cost per-pothole
    • Low machinery costs compared with dedicated vehicle solutions.
    • No waste products at the end of the day or vehicle cleaning.
    • Asphalt tiles can be stockpiled for extended periods without spoiling.
    • Fast repair time with no set-up time on site beside locating the pothole.
    • Safe to drive over in a matter of minutes to minimise need for closure notices.
    • All milled materials can be recovered for potential re-use.
    • Minimal machine maintenance.
  • Quality and road-user satisfaction
    • 'Permanent' and quality finish for high customer satisfaction and low customer complaints.
    • Adapts to road contours and smooth to drive over with no repair 'lip'.
    • Consistent repair quality - minimal training required.
    • No loose gravel on site or 'blast' damage to surrounding vehicles so can be used in residential streets.
  • Longevity
    • As hard wearing as the surrounding surface.
    • Equal or better skid resistance to existing surface.
    • Proven materials - asphalt tile repair.
    • Removes crumbling edges of pothole to bond repair to solid surface.
    • Protects surrounding road surface from further water ingress and damage.
  • Health and Safety
    • No propane or hot asphalt needed on site.
    • No cutting blades used by crew.
    • Machine operated from vehicle cab.
    • No dust inhalation issues.
    • Low noise repair.
  • Flexibility
    • All season repair solution.
    • Each repair can be partly milled through to close-by pothole if required.
    • Works right up to the kerb edge and on pavements.
    • Works as an attachment to your existing Multihog (please ask us about adaptation to other host vehicles).
    • Repair materials can be specified relating to surface to be repaired, e.g. SMA, HRA.
    • Can be used in advance of a planing and full resurfacing to avoid new surface failing.

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